Inspiration for Your Rustic Wedding

rustic wedding

Posted by The Barn at Sugarcreek on Dec 14th 2018

You know you want a rustic wedding, but you aren’t sure what direction which way you want to go with

the dress, the decorations, the ring bearer? Oh, so many decisions to make! Here are a few ideas that

might be able to help your mind start moving in the right direction.

The Dress

With most rustic-themed weddings, the bridal dress tends to be much simpler than most. Simple

doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful and elegant, as you can see in the picture below.

rustic wedding dress

The Cake

We have seen many cakes come through our doors and this style has always been one of our favorites. Multiple tiers are separated on platforms that have been affixed to real tree stumps.

rustic wedding cake


The Presentation of the Bride

Few things in this world will make the room collectively say “aww” more quickly than cute little kids dressed up. Add a touch to your rustic wedding with the addition of a sign or other prop for the youngsters to announce the bride.

rustic here comes the bride

Floral Arrangements

We have seen more people than you might imagine struggle with finding floral arrangements they felt fit with the wedding. When it comes to rustic weddings, simple additions like dried vines will give any arrangement a beautiful look with a rustic feel.

rustic wedding flowers


When you have a rustic wedding, there’s a good chance that your wedding may be a little off the beaten path. If that is the case, you may want to think about signs to help direct people to the right place and where to park once they get there.

rustic wedding signs


Parekh Cards


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