Planning a Rustic Wedding on a Budget

The barn at sugar creek table

Wedding planning is hard, let alone when you’re planning your dream day all yourself. Creating and sticking to a budget is time and time again one thing we hear bride and grooms struggling with. Deciding what you can do yourself, what to rent, want to buy, and what to totally skip can really help when it comes to planning inside your means.

Often one of the first things picked out is a venue and a date. Couples often times chose a date on or near a special day to them but picking a date on say a Friday or Saturday can save you big time. Since Saturday’s are the most commonly chosen ceremony day, many venues offer a discount for events on other days. Holding your ceremony in the morning, or a later evening can also be a way to save a little extra money Plus, you can still stick to a date close to an important day that was being considered and keep yourselves of budget.

When looking at your venue, its important to also keep in mind of your guest list. You want to make sure you have enough room to accommodate all your guests. Creating a guest list can be hard, you want everyone who is anyone there, right?! Unfortunately, the more guests you have… the more cost you end up with. A large guest list means your spending more on food, drinks, decorations, favors, and even small things like invitations and save the dates. Narrowing your list down to people who play important roles in your life can be a big money saver.

Speaking of decorations don’t be afraid to borrow things. Remember that wedding you went to that the bride bought 100 mason jars? See if you can snag them for your ceremony! Even if you get them at a reduced price, that’s money saved that you can put elsewhere. DIY’ing can also get pricy quick because craft supplies aren’t cheap. Sticking to small things for DIY is always suggested, like tacking centerpieces or aisle décor is generally a pretty safe way to play. Trying to have Aunt Becky bake a cake or Uncle Sam cook dinner might seem like a great idea but you should probably trust a pro for such a key part of the day.

When looking for cake decorators, catering companies, and florists remind yourself to shop around. Many places stick a high-end price tag on something that any other place can do just as well. You do have to be careful not to book with someone who won’t be able to provide for your party but remind yourself to be reasonable. Guests are ultimately there for you and your day, the rest of it is just added bonus.

Your wedding is all about you and your spouse. Don’t walk into marriage with wedding debt because you through the party of the year. Keeping it simple and elegant can go along way and still be incredibly memorable and beautiful.