Popular Rustic Looks for the Bride

rustic wedding look

Dec 14th 2018

Earlier we wrote a post to help give you inspiration for your rustic wedding. This time we’re going to talk specifically about some options for the bride’s look on her special day. You should be warned that some of these brides are absolutely breathtaking.


Sometimes, it’s less about the dress and more about the accessories that go with it. If you are going to have a rustic wedding, there’s no reason you can’t have a pair of cowboy boots to go along with your ensemble.

rustic bride in boots

Absolutely Lovely

Brides who opt for rustic weddings often prefer the simpler things in life. This includes their dresses, and it looks magnificent.

rustic bride

Very Traditional

Just because you have chosen a rustic wedding doesn’t mean you can’t have a very traditional white dress and veil. Off-the-shoulder dresses are very popular now, and there is no need to have a “stereotypical” rustic look for your big day.


Denim with Your Dress

Denim is another natural option when you have a rustic wedding: denim. With an off-white dress, it has a comfortable but classy look. Do you think she was wearing boots before this picture was taken?

rustic bride at barn

The Beauty of Simplicity

To describe this wedding dress as anything less than absolutely stunning would be doing a disservice to both the dress and the bride within it. There is nothing extravagant about this dress, but it is truly remarkable and would fit very well in a rustic wedding setting.

simple bride

So Elegant

Too often people think that in order for a dress to be elegant, it must also be lavish or extravagant. This dress tells us that s certainly not the case. Not only is she stunning in her dress, but the flower in her hair makes for a perfect appointment for a rustic wedding.

elegant bride