The Rise of Rustic Weddings

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Posted by The Barn at Sugarcreek on Nov 12th 2018

Barn weddings have been steadily growing in popularity over the last few years. More and more couples are choosing the rustic charm of a country barn over the traditional churches or banquet halls of years past. So what is it about these rural locations that appeal to so many?

With their neutral color schemes and beautiful countryside views; barns can be a perfect backdrop for your big day. Features such as high ceilings with wooden beams and large spaces for entertaining allow a versatility that isn’t common with other venues. Couples who choose these rustic weddings are usually looking for more opportunities to add creativity and personality to their wedding day. While these locations aren’t necessarily a blank canvas, they do offer style flexibility. Whether the couple wants something elegant and lavish or casual and simple, these rustic venues provide an ideal foundation.

While some couples do choose to get married in charming authentic barns, there is a rising trend of faux-structures specifically made to house weddings. Equipped with air conditioning and wifi so guests won’t feel cut off from modern amenities. Although nature and the outdoors play a huge part in the appeal of a barn wedding, weather can be tricky. A venue equipped to deal with fluctuating temperatures can be a lifesaver.

With a barn wedding, personality and style are key. Traditional wedding concepts can be forgotten-anything goes. If you are considering choosing a rustic setting for your wedding day, get in touch with The Barn at Sugarcreek in beautiful Sugarcreek, Ohio and check us out on social media for more wedding inspiration. 

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