Winter Wedding Wonderland

winter wedding

Crisp air. Freshly fallen snow. The magic of the holidays. Winter is the perfect time to plan the wedding of your dreams. The colder months are usually an off-season for weddings but what makes a better photo backdrop than a rustic barn covered in white snowflakes?

With Summer and Fall as the prime time for weddings; planning a Winter wedding can be more cost efficient with many vendors and locations offering lower rates during the off season. Competition for venues, caterers, etc. will be dramatically lowered due to the fewer amount of Winter ceremonies. Unfortunately, outdoor ceremonies may not be as easy this time of year. Unless you and your guests are prepared to be bundled up the entire time, and indoor event might be the best choice. If you are planning a more rustic wedding in a barn or other outdoor structure, make sure your venue is heated.

winter wedding colors

Another advantage to a winter wedding is the guest list. With colder days and longer nights, people are more likely to be antsy with all their free time and more likely to attend a wedding. If you are planning a local wedding, most of your friends and family should be home so close to the holidays with fewer vacations or other engagements to work around. Plus, a holiday anniversary is a lot easier to remember.

A Winter wedding is a unique and beautiful choice and will set you apart from all the Spring and Summer ceremonies. You’ll have a one-of-a-kind wedding experience of your very own. You may have to compromise on a few little things due to the cold, but the opportunity of celebrating your love this time of year is priceless.