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The Barn at Sugarcreek would like to assure you that we are here to help.  We have a lot of experience and have learnt a lot about what works and what should be avoided at weddings.  We are passionate about what we do and how we do it so feel free to contact us and discuss your particular needs at any time.

How much are wedding and reception rentals?

Several factors influence the cost of the rental, including season and weekday versus weekend dates. All wedding and reception rentals include full use of the facilities for the entire day. Please call and provide your date for the most accurate quote! 330-600-7205

Is there a deposit required to hold a date?

There is a security deposit of half your rental fee, due at time of booking. Please call for more details. 330-600-7205

Is the deposit refundable?

The deposit is refunded if you leave our venue in the same condition you found it.

How soon can I expect the deposit to be returned?

Please allow up to four (4) weeks for your deposit to be returned.

When is the full balance of the rental due?

The full balance of the rental is due two (2) months prior to the event.

What is the maximum occupancy of The Barn at Sugarcreek?

The maximum occupancy of our venue is 220.

Does The Barn at Sugarcreek provide any staff to assist?

Yes, we do provide two (2) staff member to assist with any reasonable requests. The owners of The Barn at Sugarcreek will determine what is considered “reasonable.” Servers and security must be provided by the renter.

Is alcohol allowed on the premises?

Yes, alcohol is allowed at our venue, but there are some stipulations:

  • Alcohol must be provided by the renter
  • Liquor is not allowed
  • The bar may not operate as a cash bar
  • The alcohol must be served in accordance with Ohio State alcoholic beverage laws
  • No one under the age of 21 may consume alcoholic beverages
  • If a person breaks any of the following rules due to excessive drinking, they will be removed from the property.
    • No inappropriate behavior
    • No exposure to liability
    • No damage to property
    • No injury to individuals
  • The Owner reserves the right to ask the bartender to no longer serve alcohol to an individual
  • The renter is responsible for ensuring their guests have rides when too intoxicated to drive or if the guest behaves in a threatening manner

Is smoking allowed on the premises?

Smoking is allowed only in the designated areas. Cigarette butts must be placed in the proper receptacles. No smoking is allowed inside or on the porch.

Does The Barn at Sugarcreek assist with setup and decoration removal?

Set-up and removal of decorations is the responsibility of the renter. However, we do the cleanup afterwards.

Are there any restrictions on decorations?

No nails, tacks, staples, or adhesives may be used without the prior approval by the owners of The Barn at Sugarcreek. All nails, tacks, staples, adhesives, and string must be removed by the renters. Failure to do so could result in a partial loss of the deposit. No décor may be attached to or hung from lighting fixtures.

What time does removal of decorations need to be done by?

All decorations and personal items must be cleared off premises by 11:30 PM on the day your contract ends.

What kind of sound system is available at The Barn at Sugarcreek?

There is no sound system at our venue. However, one may be provided by the renters or by a DJ, if you choose to hire one. Please end all music by 11:00 PM.

What kinds of safety restrictions are in place for The Barn at Sugarcreek?

The safety of our guests is a priority for us. Because of this, we do have some rules in place to ensure the safety of everyone. Breaking these rules may result in a partial forfeiture of the security deposit and the removal of the guest breaking the rule.

  • No climbing, crawling, hanging, or swinging from the ladders, rafters, and beams
  • No dangerous behavior
  • No exposure to liability
  • No damage to property
  • No purposely causing injury to individuals
  • No Open Flames
    • Due to the extreme safety risk posed by breaking this rule, doing so will result in the forfeiture of the security deposit and may result in the renter’s eviction.

Can rice be thrown at the ceremony?

Rice may not be thrown at the ceremony. Only birdseed and bubbles are approved.

Where is parking for The Barn at Sugarcreek?

Parking for renters and their guests is available behind the barn. No parking may be done in front of the Barn or on the right-hand side of the driveway. Deliveries may be made in the driveway in the front of the Barn but may only remain for as long as the delivery takes.

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